We Are TirraLirra: a collective of all-female artists, writers, designers, and friends. For over 10 years, our members have worked on various productions (both indie and commercial names, like Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy, and the Adventure Time and Regular Show comics), and strengthened bonds through a mutual love of creativity and entertainment.

We share a vision of strong, high quality work but also one of unity among women in the creative industry. Whether we’re working on comics, novels or screenplays, we wish to foster healthy support networks among our peers and nurture aspirations.

While we each have our own preferred roles in the group, we pride ourselves on versatility and working as a team to improve and grow overall. Our members span from West Yorkshire, UK to as far out as Los Angeles, California, and together we plan on making our dreams come true.

Rachel, Kay, Steph, & Halie