RACHEL CONNOR was head writer on the Cartoon Network animated series Ed Edd 'n Eddy and has recently begun writing for BOOM! Studios. Her first graphic novel with BOOM! (drawn by Tessa Stone) for the animated series Regular Show, comes out mid-September, 2014. She loves medieval history, cartoons, comics, and high fantasy novels. She lives in Leeds with Rob Luckett and their cat, Ramona.

KAY EDIGER met Rachel when they were both fans of Ed Edd 'n Eddy many moons ago. Since then, Kay has written reams of advertising copy for LivingSocial, built a multitude of websites (including this one), and co-written the first in a series of YA novels with Rachel with hopes to begin query in late 2014.

STEPHANIE GONZAGA is an artist living and working in LA. Currently, she’s a storyboard artist on the Disney XD show Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja, but also freelances on the side, including for BOOM! Studios. On the other side, she likes to sleep, eat, and play.

HALIE WILLIAMS spends a good amount of her time doodling and dreaming. In addition to doing freelance and commission work since her late teens, she has helped out as a lineart revisionist, researcher, and editor for friends' personal projects. Her sci-fi romantic comedy webcomic, A Star Apart, is set to hit the internet in 2015.